Twin 6ft Black/Rainbow Full Plait Stock Whips

Twin 6ft Black/Rainbow Full Plait Stock Whips

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Plait Count (thong): 10

Plait Count (handle): 16

Thong Length: 6'

Handle Length: 18"

Handle Core Material: 5/16" fiberglass rod 

Colors: black, scarlet red, burnt orange, yellow, neon green, kelly green, colonial blue, ultramarine, acid purple, hippie rainbow 

Paracord Type: 550 


Processing + shipping time varies from 2wks - 1.5mo due to my busy schedule. Whips are mailed in a bubble mailer or box (depending on size) directly to you. 


Clown Town Circus offers some of the highest quality nylon whips available on the market. I have been making whips at the professional level for 4 years, and spend most of my time making and perfecting my whips to make them the best they can possibly be. My whips are unmatched in color range, construction, and performance of all types - lasting multiple years of heavy use and abuse with little consequence (within reason). I pride myself on their quality, and I guarantee you will be more than happy with your new toy! 


These particular whips are great for beginners and experts alike! Please remember to exercise caution and proper safety measures while cracking - this is a real whip! Wear a wide-brimmed hat and safety glasses, and ensure you have enough space to not hit anyone/thing!


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